Norway and Japan

International engagement for peace and security is an important aspect of Norway’s foreign policy. 更に読む

Developments in the High North are creating massive opportunities for Norway, but also entail significant challenges. This is why the Arctic has been Norway’s top foreign policy priority for almost a decade. 更に読む

Norway has three world-leading industries (global knowledge hubs) in the oil and gas, maritime and the seafood sectors. Renewable energy, the cleantech industry in general and the medical/biotechnology area, all represent interesting, emerging industries. 更に読む

Japan and Norway signed an agreement on cooperation in science and technology in 2003. 更に読む

The Government Pension Fund Global was set up in 1990 as a fiscal policy tool to support long-term management of Norway’s petroleum revenue. 更に読む

Throughout centuries cultural influences have travelled the 12 000 km between Norway and Japan. From the ornaments and tapestries that traveled the silk-road from Asia to Europe, to the Manga literature and Japanese cuisine which are both popular elements in Norway today. 更に読む

The Sami are an Arctic indigenous people living in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The Sami people are sometimes referred to as Lapps, but prefer to be called Samis. Their culture has been developing in Northern Scandinavia since the arrival of the first people 11,000 years ago. 更に読む