Cultural collaboration

最終更新日: 22.12.2015 // Throughout centuries cultural influences have travelled the 12 000 km between Norway and Japan. From the ornaments and tapestries that traveled the silk-road from Asia to Europe, to the Manga literature and Japanese cuisine which are both popular elements in Norway today.

Over the last century Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Munch have both fascinated the Japanese audience, while Norwegian Jazz musicians have during the last ten years increasingly been touring Japan. Today there is a very solid network and promising collaboration in many different fields including music, theatre, street art and design. Norwegian Lifestyle, comprising everything from the grandeur of the Norwegian landscape to contemporary design and work-life balance has gained an increasing interest among Japanese.

Cultural exchange is one of the key areas of cooperation between Japan and Norway, and hence of high priority for the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo.

Through culture we want to promote wider knowledge of  - and hopefully interest in - Norway.   But cultural exchange is not merely promotion of Norwegian culture. It is also an important tool in building ties and friendship in areas of mutual interest between Japan and Norway.

In the section Norway and Japan (JPN)  you can keep up to date with current Norway - Japan-related issues; both within culture, politics and business.

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