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最終更新日: 06.04.2016 // Norway has three world-leading industries (global knowledge hubs) in the oil and gas, maritime and the seafood sectors. Renewable energy, the cleantech industry in general and the medical/biotechnology area, all represent interesting, emerging industries.

Norway has also a strong tradition within metals and materials, very much based on clean energy. Finally, there are strong industry clusters and environments within finance, IT and knowledge-based services. Below, you will find a more in-depth description of some of these industries.

Oil and Gas
Norway is the world’s second biggest exporter of natural gas and the fifth biggest exporter of oil. The petroleum industry is Norway's largest industry. In 2012, the petroleum sector represented more than 23 per cent of the country’s total value creation.
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Norway is one of the world's leading maritime nations. The maritime industry represents 6.9 percent of the total value creation in Norway. While other nations generally have their strengths in one or two maritime areas, the Norwegian maritime industries cover a vast area of services and expertise. The maritime sector comprises 7 500 companies, 100 000 employees, a turnover of 410 billion NOK.
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Seafood, fishing and aquaculture
The fishing and aquaculture industry is one of Norway’s foremost export industries and is vital for settlement and activities along the Norwegian coast.
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Energy & Environment
Norway has a solid base of expertise in renewable energy and environmental technology. The nation has set ambitious targets for more sustainable energy use.
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Green IT
Norwegians are known to be early users of information technology. The ability to use IT technology is one of the main reasons for the very high productivity in the Norwegian society. The Norwegian IT industry started in the 1950’s and is today one of the most important land-based industries.
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The healthcare sector spans a wide range of technologies and expertise, from drug discovery, diagnostics to medical devices and health related ICT.
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The forestry industry has long-standing traditions in Norway. In the processing industry, Norway has one of the world’s leading technological environments related to products that use wood as an input factor. Read more here: on timber and pulp/paper industry:


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