Ambassador’s Diary

You all know what Frank Sinatra had to “say clear, when the end was near and he faced the Final Curtain”. As did Frank Sinatra, I too have a few things to say clear today 11 August, when I face the final diplomatic curtain as Norway’s Ambassador to Japan…” 更に読む

It is summer and the Embassy can look forward to vacation while looking back at many interesting visits from Norway. 更に読む

Saturday 17 May Norwegians were in a particularly festive mood at home and abroad. On that day, we were celebrating our national day and constitution. Since we do that every year, you might ask why we all were in a more festive mood than usual this year. Very easy to explain. Because we were celebrating the 200th anniversary of our Constitution of 1814. It is the oldest constitution in Europe,... 更に読む

It is a great pleasure for me in my Ambassador’s diary this month to convey to you the whirl-wind diary of someone else. That of Norway’s Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Ms Dilek Ayhan, who flew in to Haneda at five o’clock in the morning on Wednesday 9 April and flew away from Haneda 67 hours later. 更に読む

Let me on behalf of the staff at Norway’s Embassy in Japan wish all Readers of our Embassy Newsletter a very, very Happy New Year. 更に読む

Dears Readers, The year-end “bonenkai” spirit of staff at the Embassy of Norway in Japan is gathering its annual strength as we publish this last edition of the Embassy’s newsletter for 2013. We are again surprised that a year can pass so quickly, but then looking back fond memories emerge of all the events that we have been involved in to further promote the good and wide range of relations... 更に読む

Every year a baby Christmas Tree comes to the Embassy of Norway in Tokyo. Not of the usual height, just a little one. It has travelled all the way from Hokkaido in a pot. We put it on our Reception counter, where it stands guarded by a couple of same-size Santas (we call them “Nisse” in Norwegian) to greet visitors and Embassy staff until well after Christmas. 更に読む

Hardanger is quite well-known in Japan, not least through the efforts of the Hardanger Club here in Tokyo. So successful has the Club been in promotional activities that I can excuse those Japanese who might have the impression that Norway is but a region in a Scandinavian country called Hardanger. But let me correct that impression, because it is, in fact, the other way around. Hardanger, all... 更に読む

Let me welcome all Newsletter readers back from summer vacation to whatever you do when you are not on vacation. With this edition, our Newsletter is back from vacation as well and eager to keep you informed of interesting Embassy activities and developments in Norway ahead. 更に読む

Mid July and the rainy season is over. A heat-wave has descended upon Tokyo. Vacation is just around the corner. But I want to say more in this month’s diary than let it be with a “jime-jime”. I want to wish all the readers of the Embassy’s newsletter a happy and relaxing summer vacation. I want to thank you for the interest you continue to show in Embassy events and the development of relation... 更に読む

Spring is a season of new beginnings, renewal and hope around the world. Especially for Norwegians after a long, dark and cold Arctic winter. As the “sakura” heralds spring in Japan, Norwegians too take delight in the budding of leaves and the flowering of trees that unfold the majesty of nature. Spring comes earlier to Japan than to Norway and Japanese have a “Golden Week” to take some... 更に読む

It was an impressive gathering of the academic and science elite of Japan along with Members of the Diet, ministers and former ministers and media at Riviera Minami Aoyama on 19 April to congratulate Professor Kiyoshi Kurokawa. And congratulations were very much deserved for his receiving the very prestigious Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award of the American Association for the... 更に読む

A late and lazy Sunday morning, browsing through fresh newspapers, drinking my second or third cup of coffee and gently preparing myself for a new and wonderful day, I am alarmed by what I am reading. 更に読む

Terror struck both Japan and Norway at home in 2011. For Japan, the terror of a natural catastrophe, the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, on 11 March that took away almost twenty thousand lives and caused great material damage as well as human suffering. For Norway, the terrorist act of a single human-being, who set off a bomb at government offices and brutally gunned down innocent yout... 更に読む

Let me on behalf of the staff at Norway’s Embassy in Japan wish all Readers of our Embassy Newsletter a very, very Happy New Year - «Shinnen Akemashite Omedetogozaimasu». 更に読む

Displaying the stealth of a true “ninja”, a group of Ambassadors approached the canal extended from the main pond without being seen or heard by unsuspecting wild ducks. We were invited by the Imperial Household at the wish of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor to duck-netting in Shinhama. We frightened the wild ducks from a meal in the canal into the air and managed to catch some of them with ou... 更に読む

With an eventful year behind us, highlighted by the very successful official visit to Japan of the Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, in first week of November, the Embassy’s year-end “bonenkai” spirit is gathering its annual strength. While we are waiting for elections to the Diet’s House of Representatives and the visit of Santa Claus from Norway before celebrating and preparing our... 更に読む

Last month, an announcement was made in Oslo that immediately swept across the world as top news of the hour and day. To no surprise. This happens every year mid-October, before “momijigari” in Japan, when the Nobel Committee announces its choice of whom to honour with what I and many others regard as the most prestigious of international prizes - the Nobel Peace Prize. 更に読む

Here in Japan, we now know from Prime Minister Noda that there will be elections to the Diet “sometime soon”. But we do not yet know exactly how “soon”. The elections could come very “soon” this year already or they could come later “soon”, sometime next year. But we do know from the Prime Minister that “soon means soon, not before and not after”. 更に読む

This summer, in vacation mode, energy has been very much on my mind. Energy has, indeed, been top-of-the-news in Norway as in Japan, but in different ways. In Japan, the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident. In Norway, large new discoveries of offshore oil and natural gas. Energy is also important not only inside our countries, but also in the relations between our two countries. Energy... 更に読む