Deputy Minister Ms Ragnhild Setsaas speaks at at the 10th anniversary celebration reception in Tokyo. 
写真: Norwegian Embassy, Tokyo.

Deputy Minister Ms Ragnhild Setsaas from the Ministry of Education and Research paid a visit to Japan during the very last week of May, 26 – 31 May. An extensive programme, including the “Japan – Norway Science Week” and the Kavli Lectures and Symposium was organized during the Deputy Minister’s visit. She also paid a visit to Sendai where she amongst others met with Mayor Emiko Okuyama. 更に読む

写真: Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo.

The first Japan-Norway Science Week was held on May 27-30 in the Kanto area. A number of seminars, workshops, meetings and university and institute visits marked the 10th anniversary of the Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement between our two countries. Deputy Minister of Education and Research, Ms. Ragnhild Setsaas visited Japan on this occasion, accompanied by around 60 representative... 更に読む

The Nordic ambassadors paid a joint official visit to Shimane Prefecture on 12-13 April. 更に読む

写真: Innovation Norway.

Japan and Norway are cooperating in several research areas of mutual importance and interest. This May marks the 10th anniversary for the Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement. Deputy Minister, Ms. Ragnhild Setsaas from the Ministry of Education and Research visits Japan on this occation, heading a delegation of representatives from Norwegian research and higher education sector. In... 更に読む

Study trip to Japan by NTNU students. 
写真: Innovation Norway.

“NTNU has a long history in research cooperation with Japan within the science and technology area. Students are important tools in strengthening these relations. This year, 5 groups of students, in total 350 youngsters from NTNU, in their 3rd and 4th year visited Japan for a 1 week study tour program. 更に読む

Marine Harvest celebrated the official opening of its second salmon packaging plant in Japan

18 Februrary Marine Harvest celebrated the official opening of its second salmon packaging plant in Japan. 更に読む

On 11 June 2013 it will be 100 years since Norwegian women gained the right to vote and Norway became a true democracy, with women and men enjoying the same democratic rights. Norway was the first independent country in the world to introduce universal suffrage for both men and women. 更に読む

On the 11.02.2013 the Chitose Holmenkollen Marsjen was organized for the 37th time. 更に読む

The working holiday scheme between Norway and Japan officially started on February 1st. 2013. 更に読む

Upon invitation from Gunma Prefectural Women’s University H.E. Ambassador Walther visited Takasaki in Gunma Prefecture on 22 January and held a lecture at University. Topic for the Ambassadors lecture was "Norway’s Challenges in Diplomacy and Efforts for Peace". 更に読む

Mr. Hiroshi Ishikawa (right) and ambassador Arne Walther. 
写真: Norwegian Embassy, Tokyo.

Mr. Hiroshi Ishikawa received the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit, Commander Class, at a ceremony in the Embassy on 19 December. The prestigious order was bestowed upon Ishikawa-san by Ambassador Arne Walther on behalf of H.M. King Harald of Norway. 更に読む

写真: MFA/Per Thrana.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg commented, “After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU continued to safeguard peace by enlarging the union to include the new democracies of Central and Eastern Europe. These are projects of historical significance that have helped to secure peace and stability in Europe.” 更に読む

Dr. Kristin Frøysa from the Norwegian offshore wind cluster Norcowe ( and Dr. Bård Tveiten from the Norwegian research institute Sintef ( will both give lectures at the Reneable Energy 2012 conference next week. 更に読む

The GHGT (Green House Gas mitigation Technologies) conferences are the largest CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) global events, and this year – the 11th GHGT was arranged in Kyoto from Nov. 18 through 22. 更に読む

Norgesskolen is an opportunity for children ages 9 to 18 from around the world to live in Norway for 3 weeks. 更に読む

Stoltenberg og Noda. 
写真: Ambassaden i Tokyo.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and spouse Ingrid Schulerud were on an official visit to Japan 1-3 November. The visit was originally planned for March last year, but was postponed after Japan was struck by an earthquake followed by a tsunami were close to 20 000 people died. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Minister of Fishery and Coastal Affairs, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen and State Secretary o... 更に読む

The remains of the train-station in Unosomai, Iwate prefecture. 
写真: Norwegian Embassy Tokyo.

The Norwegian Parliament Standing Committee of Justice visited Japan 17-21 September. The purpose of the visit was in particular to learn from the Japanese experiences on disaster preparedness. 更に読む

Norwegian Delegation visiting Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (President Dr. Nobuaki Okamoto and Delegation Head Ms. Kari Øiseth, Deputy Director General from Ministry of Education and Research in the front center). 
写真: Innovation Norway.

The Joint Committee meeting for the Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement was held in Tokyo on June 19. This meeting, organized every 2-3 years, is discussing recent development in science and technology policies, reviewing cooperation activities and looking at how to strengthen joint research between Japan and Norway further. 更に読む

The NCCJ in cooperation with Innovation Norway is establishing a Business Internship Program in partnership with The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises (NHO) who welcomes the program and encourages their member companies to take advantage of the program. 更に読む

Deeply moved by the natural disaster in Japan, Norwegian artists are giving charity performances to collect money for the Red Cross’s work for the victims of the disaster and to express their support and gratitude to the Japanese people. 更に読む