Signing of Norway-Japan bilateral agreement on mutual assistance in customs

最終更新日: 17.06.2016 // The bilateral agreement on mutual assistance in customs matters between Norway and Japan was signed by the Ambassador Rimestad and Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Ms. Miki Yamada, on June 18 in Tokyo.

Agreement between the Government of the Kingdom of Norway and the Government of the Kingdom of Japan on mutual assistance in customs matters.

The extent of international organized crime is increasing and becomes more complex, while the illegal carriage of goods is carried out more professionally. In addition, the contravention of customs law is detrimental to the economic, fiscal and social interests of their respective countries.

To strengthen the bilateral relations between the countries and meet the need of establishing a legal basis to exchange information, it is necessary that the customs authorities cooperate on an international level. Exchange of control information and customs procedures are important and a legal foundation for such cooperation is achieved though bilateral agreements on mutual administrative assistance.

Bilateral agreements are conductive to:
• establishing channels of communication
• facilitate effective coordination between our customs authorities
• provide for joint action on administrative matters
• facilitate the legitimate movements of goods
• provide for exchange of information and expertise on customs procedures

Information of mutual interest may relate to activities resulting in offences within the territory of another state, such as the presentation of incorrect declarations or other falsified documents.

Cooperation between customs authorities is to be used to prevent situations that could involve damage to the economy, public health, public security or similar vital interests to the cooperative states.

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