Grant scheme for cultural cooperation

Last updated: March 4, 2014

The Royal Norwegian Embassy Tokyo has been allocated funds for cultural purposes with the aim of enhancing cultural collaboration between Norway and Japan, and contributing to making Norway and Norwegian culture known to the Japanese audience. Some of the funds are also allocated for promotion and information activities about Norwegian business. The Embassy gives particular attention to projects/activities that depicts Norway as a modern culture and innovative nation. Priority is given to projects/activities within the field of design/crafts, music, performing art and literature. Cross sectorial activities/projects that comprise several art forms, academic collaboration, seminars etc. will also be considered.

Please note that the scheme is not meant as an alternative to the general support programmes for international arts and culture cooperation funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through management organizations for the different fields of art (, or other Norwegian cultural institutions that provides grants. Moreover, projects will not be fully funded by the Embassy.

Potential grant recipients are institutions, private, voluntary or public organizations and private persons in Norway and Japan.

When assessing applications the Embassy particularly consider to the following:

  • The purpose and goal of the activity/project, and whether the activity/project has a defined target group(s)
  • If the activity/project has a realistic planning horizon
  • If the activity/project has sufficient local Japanese ownership to ensure sustainability.
  • If the activity/project contains a long term perspective/collaboration between the Norwegian and Japanese partners.
  • If the activity/project has applied for support from other financial sources, or secured financial support from other institutions and allocated funds from own budgets.
  • If the activity/project contains a promotion/media plan.
  • If the activity/project also aims at bringing cultural impulses back to the Norwegian Society


Applications will be considered on a running basis throughout the year and should be sent to

English application forms can be downloaded here.

Please note that upon the completion of the project a final report should be sent to English template can be downloaded here.

Other potential financial sources
In addition to public institutions in Norway which runs support programmes for international arts and culture cooperation, there are also some Japanese funds such as the following:
Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation

  • Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation offers stipendiums for exchange between Japan and Nordic countries. Application deadline for Norway-Japan projects are 15 January. 
  • Chunichi-Inadomi-fund for Norwegian- Japanese Cultural Exchange
    Chunichi-Inadomi-fund focuses on cultural exchange between Norway and Japan.

For more information about the Japanese external support organizations please visit the website of the Japanese Embassy in Oslo:

In addition there are also private Japanese and Norwegian institutions/businesses that one might consider to contact.  For more information about Norwegian businesses in Japan please contact the Embassy, or visit the website of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Japan.



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