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最終更新日: 06.06.2011 // Please pre-register your application online prior to your visit to the Embassy.

Applicants who wish to apply for a visa or residence permit at the Embassy in Tokyo should fill in the application form and pay the application fee on the secure Application Portal before submitting their supporting documents at the Embassy. It will still be possible to hand in paper applications. However, applicants who apply online will be given priority and shorter handling time.

No Internet access?

Japan is filled with internet cafes. You can register your application using any computer with internet access.

It is also possible for a sponsor or contact in Norway to log on and complete the online process for the applicant. Anyone can do it!

How to apply - First time users

The first time you use the Application Portal, you must register as a user with a username and a password. Usernames and passwords should not contain any special characters such as @, %, &, etc. The password must contain at least 8 characters, at least one number and at least one CAPITAL letter. When you have registered yourself as a user on the Portal, you can fill in the application form (click on the appropriate application form) and pay the application fee.


After selecting your type of application you will be asked where to apply to. Most applicants in Japan will need to apply to the Norwegian Embassy in Japan before entering Norway. It is therefore important that you choose "Outside Norway" and "Japan" if you want to apply to the Embassy.

How to apply - Existing users (who have previously used the Application Portal)

Applicants who have used the Application Portal before can simply log on, use the last application as a template and only change details such as travel dates, etc., pay the fee and book an appointment to hand in the supporting documents.

Confirming your registration with reference

When registering your application, you will be asked if you want to send your application to your reference in Norway for confirmation. Note that if application is sent, you will not be able to complete your registration until your reference has confirmed your application. In cases where your reference is a school or a large company, it may be problematic for them to make such a confirmation. If you are unsure if your reference can confirm your application, you should choose not to send your application to your reference.

If your registration has been sent to your reference and your reference cannot confirm, you must redo register anew from the start and not send it for confirmation.

Power of Attorney on the second page of cover letter

When you print out the cover letter from the Application Portal, Power of Attorney will also be printed as a second page. You do not have to submit Power of Attorney if you are not using an attorney of proxy.

Click here to access the Application Portal

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