Applications for residence permit through Consulate-General in Kobe - Identity Verification Scheme

最終更新日: 05.05.2015 // Starting after 7 May 2015, we are starting a trial project for some applicants for residence permit, opening for residence permits to be delivered by visiting the Consulate-General in Kobe – the Identity Verification Scheme.

What is the Identity Verification Scheme?

Upon delivery of all applications for visa or residence permit the Embassy is required to verify the identity of the applicant. Because of this requirement, personal appearance at the Embassy in Tokyo has been mandatory for all applicants. With this trial project, we will open for the Consulate-General in Kobe to verify the identity of applicants. The application will still be processed at the Embassy in Tokyo, but after verification of identity in Kobe, the application can be sent to Tokyo by post.

Why is the Identity Verification Scheme introduced?

The main reason for introducing the Identity Verification Scheme is to provide an alternative for applicants, mainly in the Kansai area, so they do not have to travel all the way to Tokyo. This is an effort to simplify the application process for visa-exempt citizens.

Who qualifies for the Identity Verification Scheme?

The Consulate-General in Kobe can verify identity in cases where a Japanese, or other visa-exempt citizen, is planning to apply for a long-term residence permit. You can only use the Identity Verification Scheme if you are a visa-exempt citizen. People that are not visa-exempt still need to visit the Embassy in Tokyo according to regular guidelines.

How do I use the Identity Verification Scheme?

This is the step-by-step process for using the Identity Verification Scheme:

  1. Register your application online according to regular guidelines explained here.
  2. If you qualify for the Identity Verification Scheme, and you do not wish to travel to Tokyo, contact the Consulate-General in Kobe and ask for an appointment. Contact information here.
  3. Bring your passport and a handling fee of JPY 3400 to the Consulate-General, and you will receive a Verification Certificate.
  4. Send all necessary documents to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo. Along with any other documents necessary for the application, make sure to include the following:
    • The Verification Certificate
    • An addressed return-envelope with postage
    • Original passport
    • All other documents necessary for the application according to the checklist.*
      *Copy of identification page and all used pages in the passport.
      *Copy of any other document where you want the original returned.
  5. After processing is completed at the Embassy in Tokyo, the passport will be returned to you and the application will be transferred to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) for further consideration.
  6. The Embassy will contact you by the e-mail you registered on the Application Portal when a decision has been made by UDI. This may take a long time.

Please understand that the Consulate-General in Kobe does not actually process your application, and cannot answer any questions related to the application process. Any inquiries regarding the handling process or regulations must be made to the Embassy in Tokyo.

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