Preparing an Application for Visa or Residence Permit

最終更新日: 24.08.2012 // Before you start preparing for your application, please read the following.

Note the difference between Schengen visa and residence permit

A Schengen visa is a permit that allows you to stay in Norway or Schengen (depending on the type of visa) for a short specified period of time with a maximum validity of 90 days. Japanese passport holders do not need a visa for short time visits.

A residence permit is required from anyone who intends to stay in Norway for more than 90 days and is usually only granted to applicants with a valid reason for long term stay, i.e. studies, work or family.

Pre-registration of your application online

Please register your application and pay your application fee online using the Application Portal. Please note that your application is not complete before you come to the Embassy and deliver supporting documents in person.

If you have problems registering your application online, please contact the Embassy by e-mail.

Preparation of documents

All documents that are submitted with your application must be in original. Please also prepare a copy of any original document that you would want to have returned.

You must prepare copies of your passport. Please prepare copies of ALL USED PAGES of the passport. This entails the id-page, any previously issued visas, any entry/exit stamps, etc.

If you are applying for a residence permit any official Japanese documents (like birth certificate, marriage certificate, family register or similar) must come with an apostille to document its authenticity.

If you are applying for a residence permit all submitted documents must be in English or Norwegian. Your application will be handled in Norway, and it is the applicant's responsibility that the case handler understands the documentation submitted. Documents in Japanese or other languages may be deemed invalid. The translation of any document must be certified by an established translation company - translations made by the applicant are generally not accepted. There is no list over authorized translation companies, but certified translations made by established translation companies are generally accepted. The Embassy can also in some cases assist with translations.

Translations may be required in certain specific applications for Schengen visa as well.

Booking and delivery of supporting documents

A number of documents are required in order to process an application for visa or residence permit. Applicants must book an appointment at the Embassy and bring the complete supporting documents on their date of appointment.To make a booking, send an e-mail to, listing available dates and times.

Applications are only accepted at the Embassy in Tokyo, and not at any consulates in Japan. All applicants must therefore visit the Embassy in Tokyo in person to deliver required documentation.

The application form itself should not be submitted, as this is transferred electronically from the Application Portal to the Embassy.

If you have any originals that you would like returned, you must prepare copies of these documents. We will return the original document after confirming the copy.

For passports you must make copies of all used pages - including the id-page and any pages with previous visas or previous entry/exit stamps. The copies must be submitted with the original passport and we will return the passport once the copies are confirmed.

Power of Attorney

It is possible to name an attorney or proxy for your application. This means that your attorney can receive information and make inquiries regarding your case. To appoint an attorney you must submit a form granting Power of Attorney.

If Power of Attorney is not granted, other people, family members, colleagues, etc. will not have access to any information regarding the case. Even if the Power of Attorney is granted, the applicant must meet at the Embassy in person to deliver the documents.

Processing time

In case of Schengen visa:
The processing time of a Schengen visa  (tourist, business, training) depends on each individual case. However, applicants should always apply several weeks before the intended journey.

If the case is considered uncomplicated, it can be handled by the Embassy in Tokyo, in which case the processing time is 8 to 15 days (may be extended) counting from the day the Embassy receives all the requested documents.

Visa cases that are considered somewhat complicated will be handled by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), and will take more time than regular cases.

In case of residence permits:
Applications for residence permits take much more time than that for Schengen visa, and should be prepared months before planned entry to Norway. All applications for residence permits will be handled by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI). For processing times, please refer to UDI's homepage.

Application fee

The application fee must be paid electronically (by credit / debit card) on the secure Application Portal after filling in the application form online. The application will not be sent to the Embassy before the payment has been successfully processed (usuallly within a few seconds). Applicants (/ sponsors, etc.) may pay by Visa or MasterCard.

In order to avoid misuse of the Portal, all applicants who are exempt from paying must ‘pay’ the visa fee initially. However, the amount is only reserved on their bank account, not actually taken.

When the applicant appears at the Embassy and submits documentation proving that he / she is exempted from paying the visa fee, the Embassy can quickly release the money (refunded electronically).

Nevertheless, if the applicant has not appeared at the Embassy within 14 days after paying the fee online, the money is transferred to the payment provider (DIBS) and a refund will thus take 2-3 weeks.

Certain applicants for residence permit cannot use the online portal, and must pay the application fee in cash upon delivery of documents.

Notification of decision

When a decision has been made in a case, the Embassy will be notified and the Embassy will notify the applicant.

Approved applications

Approved visa applicants will have a visa sticker attached to their passport at the Embassy. It is up the applicant if he/she would like to leave the passport at the Embassy while the case is being handled and have it returned by post, or to come back when the visa sticker is ready to be issued.

Approved applicants for a residence permit will receive confirmation from the Embassy by e-mail. Applicant must then bring their passport to a local police station, where the residence card will be issued, within 7 days of entering Norway.

Applicants that need a visa to enter Norway will have this issued at the Embassy.

Denied applications

Applicants that have been denied may re-apply or lodge an appeal.

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